Links 5/16/18

Links for you. Science:

I Was a Bad Student Who Became an Astronaut. Let’s Stop Telling People They Can’t Be Good at Science
A Census of Gorillas and Chimpanzees Finds More Than Expected
The Germs That Love Diet Soda
Yes, Pluto is a planet
The incredibly frustrating reason there’s no Lyme disease vaccine


From Your Jim Crow Nostalgia File
Who Is Anna Wintour Asking Us to Forgive in Her Editor’s Letter?
We really do have a solution to the opioid epidemic — and one state is showing it works
An Ahwatukee ex-journalist talks about her life as a teacher
Someone Please Tell the Times That Incels Are Terrorists
Billionaire Robert Mercer did Trump a huge favor. Will he get a payback?
Joe Crowley Must Be Stopped– For The Good Of NY, For The Good Of The Democratic Party, For The Good Of America
Star Wars by Other Means: Rogue One and Foreign Policy
The homeless man who made Alexandria civil rights history
Bernie Sanders Is Trying to Get Race Right
Wrong-way Democrats: Will a “blue dog” blue wave pave the way for future disaster?
Iran Hawks Are the New Iraq Hawks
Local North Carolina Democratic Party Resolution Accuses The DCCC Of Being “A Disruptive And Undemocratic Force”
Silent Partners
Latinos Are Hit Especially Hard By The Opioid Crisis In Mass. But Why?
‘I had to guard an empty room’: the rise of the pointless job

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