Links 5/10/18

Links for you. Science:

Addressing the Insomnia of Francis Collins and Mike Lauer
Romaine Riddle: Why the E. Coli Outbreak Eludes Food Investigators
When A Mystery Outbreak Strikes, Who You Gonna Call?
Mosquito- And Tick-Borne Diseases Have Tripled, But The CDC Won’t Say It’s Climate Change
America’s Greatest Horticulturist Left Behind a Plum Mystery


Here’s a Theory About That $1.6 Million Payout From a GOP Official to a Playboy Model (there are a couple of holes, but why a guy with good lawyers would go to Cohen isn’t one of them)
Why Bad Men Love Real Estate
Anti-Semitism controversy exposes D.C.’s fault lines — and a leadership vacuum
A model YIMBY zoning code would give cities a guide to affordability
Metro wants to rebuild 20 station platforms over three years, creating SafeTrack-like disruptions (SafeTrack will never end…)
Uber Self-Driving Car ‘Detected’ Pedestrian Killed In Crash, But Decided It Didn’t Need To Stop: Report
A ferocious plan for Democrats to reconquer America
The Supreme Court is poised to make forced arbitration nearly inescapable
New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Resigns Due to Sexual Assault Allegations, After Getting Away With Selling Out Homeowners
Warren Buffett’s Mortgage Companies Engage in Alleged Discrimination Against Minority Borrowers, Violating Fair Housing Act
Democrats Have a Bold New Plan to Save Unions
D.C. Council Passes Critical Grocery Store Legislation
The Problem With ‘Feminist’ Men
Are You in a BS Job? In Academe, You’re Hardly Alone
‘Like Selling Crack to Children’: A Peek Inside the Silicon Valley Grift Machine
The Senate has forced a vote to restore net neutrality
Battle Escalates Within D.C. Restaurant Industry Over Tipped Minimum Wage Vote
Eric Schneiderman Has Always Been A Con Man
Shabbos Reading
Six Reasons Why School Choice Won’t Save Us
Actors were paid to support Entergy’s power plant at New Orleans City Council meetings

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  1. John Kane says:

    Uber Self-Driving Car ‘Detected’ Pedestrian Killed In Crash, But Decided It Didn’t Need To Stop

    My god. It is practically human. As soon as it learns to say ” I never saw them, officer” it’s well past the Turing Test.

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