Links 5/4/18

Links for you. Science:

Neanderthals etched a message on this 36,000-year-old stone tool
Hominin Head-Scratcher: Who Butchered This Rhino 709,000 Years Ago?
Diversity statements from faculty candidates are an unfair test of ideology?
Tabasco Sauce Is in a Battle For Its Very Survival
Rising CO2 levels might not be as good for plants as we thought


Why Conservatives Can Crush on Kanye Yet Hate Michelle Wolf
The Twin Cities Figured Out the Formula for Increasing Bus Ridership
The District Department of Transportation may build a shared street in Dupont Circle
Surprise! The Mortgage Interest Deduction is now even more of a handout to the wealthy
Teenager’s Prom Dress Stirs Furor in U.S. — but Not in China
Governments Are Nothing Like Households
If Your Rent Is Too Damn High, Blame Anthony Weiner
The Limits of Antitrust Enforcement
One of the most chilling abandoned places in the world is France’s Red Zone, or “Zone Rouge”.
How merchants use Facebook to flood Amazon with fake reviews
They survived the Holocaust. Now the world is forgetting what they endured.
Prior Models for Workable Workfare Work
The trillion-dollar coastal property bubble is ready to burst, per new study
GAPS AND STANDARDS: The rude bridge confronts The Gateway Arch!
When Misogynists Become Terrorists
Why Pay Managers So Well, Even If They Do a Poor Job?

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