Links 5/2/18

Links for you. Science:

Rampage may stoke CRISPR fears, but scientists say it could be educational, too
These whales will be extinct in 25 years, scientists say — unless we act now to save them
Rescued octopus comes back a day later to chill with its rescuers
Inside the secret U.S. stockpile meant to save us all in a bioterror attack
The nation’s weather and oceans agency has never gone this long without a confirmed leader


What Being “Politically Incorrect” Actually Looks Like
The Spy Who Came Home
Has Michael Cohen Already Flipped on Donald Trump? (it’s bagmen all the way down)
Could electric buses allay bus garage nuisances, and move us away from diesel?
Public space is popular, until people want to use it
Girls Reportedly Bleeding Through Pants Due To Charter School Bathroom Policy
America’s first lynching memorial results in some local residents filled with ire, resentment
Silicon Valley Can’t Be Trusted With Our History
How lynching was used by whites to destroy competition from black business owners (also, Tulsa 1921 and the destruction of Black Wall Street)
Anonymous Owner, L.L.C.: Why It Has Become So Easy to Hide in the Housing Market
Truth Has Stopped Mattering in the Russia Investigation
Documents show ties between university, conservative donors
Nation’s Top Teachers Confront Betsy DeVos In Private Meeting
How Can This Possibly Happen?
Officer who shot at man in Walmart parking lot was previously fired for hate crimes and assault
Testing: A Modest Proposal
Election consequences: Virginia’s Republican-led legislature is about to pass Medicaid expansion

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