Links 5/1/18

Links for you. Science:

Neandertals, Stone Age people may have voyaged the Mediterranean
A High Schooler Has Upended a Fundamental Chemistry Theory
Scott Pruitt’s Crusade Against “Secret Science” Could Be Disastrous for Public Health
How success breeds success in the sciences
Can genes change the way languages evolve? (kinda, sorta, a little)


The return of The Negro Motorist Green Book
Trump Asks If There Are Hispanics In The Room Before Demanding His Wall
How to Live in San Francisco Without Spending Any Money (maybe taxing capital more and building affordable housing would be better?)
Bernie Sanders “would have won” and Bernie bros are a myth, says campaign manager in new book
You Can’t Bully These Motherfuckers
Trump Mar-a-Lago buddy mucks up VA health technology project
How Michelle Wolf Blasted Open the Fictions of Journalism in the Age of Trump
The Story of the World’s First Emoji
Pa. gerrymandering’s surprise co-conspirators: Democrats
The Original Donald Trump
There’s No Such Thing As ‘Suburbia’
The real reason Michelle Wolf is under attack is because her Sarah Sanders jokes are true
For one musician, D.C. was the place for black entertainers. The ’68 riots changed everything.
Blowing the horn for freedom
The president is seeking to destroy journalism. Now let’s debate dinner entertainment!
Only Democrats Could F*ck This Up, Volume Infinity
While Everyone Was Crying About the WHCD, Trump Was Staging an Authoritarian Circus
The Forces Were Perfectly in Balance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner

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2 Responses to Links 5/1/18

  1. julie wolf says:

    regarding the carbon one–they are talking about BONDS, but then the accompanying picture is showing carbon RINGS with 6 or 7 carbon ATOMS….?

  2. How much better would our understanding of pre-history get if paleontologists took a canoe trip in the Boundary Waters? How much fun is a portage? Not fun.

    From Beringia to the Mediterranean, only idiots walk when they can paddle.

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