Links 4/16/18

Links for you. Science:

Sequencing a piece of history: complete genome sequence of the original Escherichia coli strain
The Mice Who Evolved to Live on Cheese Fries: Prowling New York With an Evolutionary Biologist
An Eye in the Sky Could Detect Planet-Warming Plumes on the Ground
Do not believe everything about the microbiome you read
Did God Have a Wife?


Tethered to a Raging Buffoon Called Trump
One area artist and the Post style section canonize unsafe or illegal parking
Survey exposes American ignorance about Holocaust
Trump-supporting millionaire arrested for first degree gun murder of KC lawyer
In Pennsylvania, It’s Open Season on Undocumented Immigrants
Be Courageous, Congressman
The uniquely American fascination with businesses starting small obfuscates some of the problems people have with Facebook specifically.
Paul Ryan’s Whole Career Was About Sticking It To The Poor And Elderly
Finland has found the answer to homelessness. It couldn’t be simpler
Mark Zuckerberg Does Not Like Personal Privacy
Brand Democrat
Stunning Shots of London in 1974 by Erik van Straten
We Already Know How to Protect Ourselves From Facebook
Attorney-Tyrant Privilege
Interior Official Compared Parkland Students To Nazis, Promoted Conspiracies
That $4,000 raise Donald Trump and Paul Ryan promised you was a trickle-down lie
Federal employees lag behind private sector workers in salaries by 32 percent on average, report says
Drug Addiction Isn’t a Crime—We Just Treat it Like One

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