Links 4/8/18

Links for you. Science:

Divided by DNA: The uneasy relationship between archaeology and ancient genomics
Fighting Disease Is a Battle Often Won With Spreadsheets
Bats Are Migrating Earlier, and It Could Wreak Havoc on Farming
High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Associated with Noisy Jobs
Computer science faces an ethics crisis. The Cambridge Analytica scandal proves it.


Real-life conspiracy nut Roseanne explains Trump better than TV’s ‘Roseanne’
In Hungary, the exploitation of a mythical enemy is poisoning politics
The CBO needs to answer some questions for the public.
Roger Lowenstein, F**k Your Stock Portfolio
The time has come for a bold new idea: OmniLoop
Russian bots are rallying behind embattled Fox News host Laura Ingraham as advertisers dump her show
Where Can You Stay on Capitol Hill for What Scott Pruitt Paid?
‘I Married a Jew,’ 80 Years Later
Why is the media—including the liberal media—supporting these teachers’ strikes?
O.C. pushes homeless off the street but can’t find anywhere to shelter them (‘”Who cares? This is not our responsibility,” said Abby Moore, a retiree from Laguna Niguel. “We are not elected to handle this crisis. I just don’t want to be near the homeless.”‘)
Only Black People Prosecuted Under Mississippi Gang Law Since 2010
Inside a Private Prison: Blood, Suicide and Poorly Paid Guards
The Bad Boys Logicbrain Club
American Jews Should Boycott Netanyahu for His Vile Campaign Against NIF
Zinke’s Interior Dept Disproportionately Reassigned Native American Workers
US Suspects Cellphone Spying Devices in DC
It’s time to think seriously about cutting off the supply of fossil fuels

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