Links 4/6/18

Links for you. Science:

NIH to crack down on violations of confidential peer review
The War on Science Is Over. The Republicans Won.
NIH moves to punish researchers who violate confidentiality in proposal reviews
Like Sands Through The Hourglass
A Few Species of Frogs That Vanished May Be on the Rebound


Congress, Not Amazon, Messed Up the Post Office (been saying this for years)
50 Years After His Assassination, We Are No Closer to Realizing MLK’s Most Radical Dream
Don’t Fix Facebook. Replace It.
The teacher strikes could be the future of alt labor
How to Win an Argument About Guns
Trump Is Plotting a Diabolical Budget Double-Cross (someday, Democrats will learn to play hardball…)
The Rise of Male Supremacist Groups
No Sympathy for Amazon (I’m just rooting for injuries)
The Preeminent Fundraising Group For Democratic Women Is Stuck In The Middle Of The Party’s Wars (except they’ve never been explicitly for Democratic women…?)
Job No. 1 for a Democratic Congress: Investigate ICE
Police officer who went undercover in prison leaves the force to sell cars after his experience
The NRA Is Encouraging a Delusional Fantasy
Neo-Nazi Website Daily Stormer Might Have to Reveal Its Funding in Libel Lawsuit
Cuomo’s ‘deal’ to reunite New York Democrats? It’s all a bunch of self-serving b.s. to save his hide
Why EPA’s U-turn on Auto Efficiency Rules Gives China the Upper Hand

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