Links 3/31/18

Links for you. Science:

A swim in the Potomac? The river’s remarkable recovery makes that a possibility, report says.
Archaeologists discover 81 ancient settlements in the Amazon (open access paper here)
Bad science puts innocent people in jail — and keeps them there
Young Gorillas Have Learned to Dismantle Poacher’s Traps in The Wild
These Neon Shrimp Are the Bees of the Sea—Here’s Why


Land of the Lawless: How power in America has turned the rule of law into a mere myth (excellent)
It’s Time to Stop Yammering About Liberal Bias: The right has plenty of representation in the nation’s opinion pages
The sliming of Parkland students shows the spreading stain of media polarization
This may be the worst smear yet hurled at the Stoneman Douglas survivors
What Americans can learn from British class guilt
Johan van Hulst, Dutch schoolteacher who saved hundreds of Jewish children during Holocaust, dies at 107
March for Our Lives Will Have To Become A March Against the Filibuster
How We Can Get a More Equal Union
Obama Library Already Displacing Residents
Respect My HOBBY!!!!
Man Out of Time
Cuts to small agency part of larger Trump hit on federal unions, agencies and services
Putting kids last: A time-honored Washington tradition
Don’t turn schools into a police state. That will only make the gun problem worse.
Even more than impeachment, Democrats need to retake Congress’s exclusive War-Making Power
I am sick of these kids demanding safe spaces
Today in Armed and Violent American Assholes, A Long Tradition
Roger McNamee: “I Think You Can Make a Legitimate Case that Facebook Has Become Parasitic”
We Here at Cambridge Analytica Would Like to Remind Americans That We’re Only, Like, the Sixth- or Seventh-Worst Thing About Facebook

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