Links 3/29/18

Links for you. Science:

Meet TESS, Seeker of Alien Worlds
Robotic Fish to Keep a Fishy Eye on the Health of the Oceans
Insects Flew Before Anything Else Did. So How Did They Get Their Wings?
Computers are amazing, but Electronic Health Records are not


Anacostia Rising
The myth of “forcing people out of their cars”
Only 3% Millennial Turnout in Illinois Primary
Unsafe Maryland
Trayon White’s Support In Ward 8 Not Dampened By Anti-Semitic Remarks
The Rising Criminalization of Black Girls
With electric bikes and scooters, LimeBike seeks to stand out from dockless competitors
A lawsuit alleging a DC landlord uses discounts to circumvent rent control may have gotten a boost
The way cities report gun violence is all wrong
Why This Is the Golden Age of DC Grocery Shopping
Some DFLers say Washington Democrats are ‘bigfooting’ Minn. congressional races (a lot of that going around)
The Stormy Daniels scandal is not gossip
Everything about the omnibus spending bill shows how badly Congress and our government is broken
Is It Time to Stop Saying ‘the Safety Net’?
Oklahoma Teachers Plan Strike For April If Lawmakers Do Not Increase Pay
More Democrats Should Be Calling for the Repeal of the Second Amendment
Is This How You Drain the Swamp?
Teacher Evaluation: Plus or Minus?
Gregg Popovich Slammed Trump’s ‘Cowardice’ for Dodging the Gun March (he’s running?)
Steve Jobs tried to warn Mark Zuckerberg

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