Links 3/18/18

Links for you. Science:

Idaho lawmakers no longer plan to ban climate science from public schools
In a prestigious high school math and science program, alumni say #MeToo
Trump Is Putting Us on Course for a Global Health Disaster
Flooding in Brazil Turns Rio de Prata Ecological Preserve Hiking Trail Into an Underwater Fantasyland
Bacteria resistant to last-resort antibiotic missed by standard tests


The Market Can’t Solve a Massacre (absolute must-read)
‘School Choice’ Is A Lie That Harms Us All (very good)
The Democratic Establishment Is Moving Closer and Closer to Single Payer, but Activists Want the Real Thing
The Intellectual We Deserve (like other intellectual frauds, a detailed look reveals there’s no there there)
If the Supreme Court rules against unions, conservatives won’t like what happens next (the West Virginia teachers’ strike seems to modestly support this…)
Whistleblower reveals to Channel 4 News data grab of 50 million Facebook profiles by Cambridge Analytica – data firm linked to Trump win (video)
The three mistakes of centrism
The Importance Of Mobilizing Obama-to-Nonvoters (they made the difference in PA-18 last week)
What Losing the Brooklyn Dodgers Taught Bernie Sanders
The subtle racism of centrist Democrats
Progressives Have the Right Plan to Win in November
There’s a ‘yellow light flashing’ in the economy — and it poses a threat to the stock market (possible Minsky moment)
The West Virginia Teachers Strike Shows That Winning Big Requires Creating a Crisis
The data proves that school segregation is getting worse (and see this, too)
Someone Better Rein In The DCCC Before It’s Too Late– But Who? Pelosi Sure Won’t. Can Bernie?

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2 Responses to Links 3/18/18

  1. John Magoun says:

    ‘The Market Can’t Solve A Massacre’ was powerful and compelling. For all of neo-liberalism’s sins as committed by the Democrats in the past few decades, though, I can’t help but think the GOP’s proto-nationalism, counterfactual denials of science and reason, and ethnocentric circling of the white wagons is even worse. The two parties are not alike, no matter what the Left says.

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