Links 3/12/18

Links for you. Science:

Dentists keep dying of this lung disease. The CDC can’t figure out why.
Humanity Keeps Getting Smarter
Captive Orangutans Are Curious (But Wild Ones Are Not)
TX District Attorney Who Said “Vaccines Can and Do Cause Autism” Loses Primary
When Twenty-Six Thousand Stinkbugs Invade Your Home
A New Study Says Naloxone Might Cause More Opioid Deaths. I’m Skeptical.


Let’s have a good-faith argument about socialism (follow on from this)
A New York Times columnist blamed a far-left ‘mob’ for her woes. But maybe she deserves them.
Homelessness is like lots of issues: Racism makes it worse
Elizabeth Warren Says Democratic Votes for Wall Street This Week Are a “Stab in the Heart”
Let’s Get Real About Russiagate
The Stormy Daniels Saga Shows How Vulnerable Trump Is To Blackmail
It’s Time to Abolish ICE
Is That All There Is? How Full Is Our “Full Employment”?
Shirley Chisholm Deserves a Great Big Statue Honoring Her in the Capitol
Meet the Democrats’ ‘Dirty Dozen’ Working to Gut Financial Reforms
For Trump, Crime Is Not a Problem to Be Solved, It Is a Weapon to Be Wielded
YouTube Is Full of Easy-to-Find Neo-Nazi Propaganda
Time to Go Large on Gun Control
I found a blog post that encapsulates the alt-right/Trumpist worldview more perfectly than anything else I’ve ever read
Newspapers can stop issuing corrections now, because this is the correction to end all corrections
Trump says American workers are hurt by immigration. But after ICE raided this Texas town, they never showed up.
No, Your Furniture Shouldn’t Drip or Burst
The Bari Weiss problem
David Hogg is mad as hell

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