Links 3/11/18

Links for you. Science:

Urban Leopards Can Save Lives By Eating Feral Dogs
Flu vaccine grown without eggs provided measurably better protection this season, FDA says
NASA Twins Study Confirms Preliminary Findings
98 Million Monarch Butterflies Isn’t Enough
Farming Ideology Trumps Evidence


Oklahoma’s teachers to state reps: you have until April 1 to pay us or we are shutting it down
No fare hikes, services cuts or expansions as Metro budget moves to final vote
How iPads Changed a Police Force’s Response to Mental Illness
European Clocks Slowed by Lag in Continent’s Power Grid
Trump and DeVos call for massive cuts to college student aid programs
Betsy DeVos used Shutterstock picture to attack U.S. schools. Teachers aren’t having it.
Before Pushing Tariffs, Wilbur Ross Had a Messy History With the U.S. Steel Industry
On the Bank Deregulation Bill
How Capitalist Is Singapore Really?
There Is No Campus Free Speech Crisis
How Education Reform Ate the Democratic Party
Trump wants new authority over polling places. Top election officials say no
Stock buybacks are soaring to record levels — and Cory Booker wants to stop it
All I can reliably tell you about our economic capacity is that we’re not there yet
The Democrats Can’t Stop Using the Same Broken Playbook
Go Tell It in the Mountain State
David Brooks Thinks Twitter Invented Politics, Or Something

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