Links 2/28/18

Links for you. Science:

Ancient Elephants and Mastodons Were Totally Down With Inter-Species Boning
Generalization, not “reproducibility” (I might use different words, but the point is very valid)
PromethION: Straining at the Starting Gate
Sexual harassment pervades science. This scientist is talking to Congress about how to change that
It’s a Dog’s World, Especially in the Lab. Where Are the Cats?


Traffic Is a Disease. An Uber Tax Is the Cure
The lesson of the ‘Broward Coward’
Survey mode and presidential approval
Guns and Opioids Are American Scourges Fueled by Availability
The Left Is Energized. Now It Needs to Vote.
Thoughts on the Medicare Extra Proposal
The Cause the Resistance Cares Most About Is Ending Voter Suppression
The Feds Can Now (Probably) Unlock Every iPhone Model In Existence
In an Era of ‘Smart’ Things, Sometimes Dumb Stuff Is Better
Time to Stand Up for Dumb
My Confrontation with Trump Made Me Feel Like a Stranger in My Own Country
It Will Take a Political Revolution to Cure the Epidemic of Depression
TOPA Bill Exempting Single-Family Homes Inches Forward
Killing a Parasite — Canceling Student Debt, Part 1
Guns will not save you from tyranny
Secret probe points to widespread enrollment fraud at acclaimed D.C. high school
Why are Democratic party thinktanks still not backing universal healthcare?
Trump Isn’t Protecting Our Elections
Can we just note for a second what a catastrophic move the Clinton and Bush strategy on China was and continues to be?

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