Links 2/27/18

Links for you. Science:

The Real Reason Brown Eggs Are More Expensive Than White Eggs
America Should Have Stayed Home This Flu Season
A major collection of fossils discovered in Bears Ears National Monument, now in jeopardy
Manuscript review and the alleged reproducibility crisis
U.S. hospitals testing experimental therapies to prevent two common bacterial infections


The Penis Hat Brigade
California Democrats Decline To Endorse Dianne Feinstein For Re-Election
National Democrats may not invest in Baker fight (this is not how you build a party. What the fuck is wrong with these morons?)
Postal-Service Workers Are Shouldering the Burden for Amazon
As Boston Athenaeum changes, tension and controversy arise
Open Letter to the State of West Virginia From Its Students
A letter from a furious teacher
The Gun Industry Is Weaker Than It Looks
We all know what guns are really for
Top 10 Signs the U.S. Is the Most Corrupt Nation in the World
Say goodnight to net neutrality as AT&T just rolled out ‘internet fast lanes’
I’ve covered gun violence for years. The solutions aren’t a big mystery.
How Democrats Can Offer Real Solutions to America’s Problems
Parkland Shooting Survivor Asks Melania Trump to Stop Donald Jr. From Cyberbullying Her
The Myth of the Hacker-Proof Voting Machine
‘I don’t know how you got this way’
How America Outlawed Adolescence
Why Won’t the EPA Watchdog Fully Investigate Pruitt?

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  1. What kind of moron biologist does not understand the concept of finite resources? Also, what kind of moron thinks that the problem in the Massachusetts governor’s race is the need to build a Democratic Party in that State? Finally, what kind of moron equates the Democratic Governor’s Association with all Democrats?

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