Links 2/26/18

Links for you. Science:

How to make replication the norm
Taíno: ‘Extinct’ Indigenous Americans Never Actually Disappeared, Ancient Tooth Reveals
Native to Asia, Found in New Jersey: The Curious Case of an Invasive Tick
Neanderthals, the World’s First Misunderstood Artists
CRISPR could end sickle cell disease, but signing up black patients for clinical trials will be a hard sell


The NRA Has An Anti-Semitism Problem
PERSISTENT FAITH IN THE EMPTY GESTURE (keep this in mind regarding guns)
CPAC has always been ‘out there.’ Now the rest of the GOP is, too.
Democrats are now firmly behind single-payer. Thanks, Trump and Republicans.
The Second Amendment is an Anachronism
Does the Second Amendment really protect assault weapons? Four courts have said no.
Why Sending Armed Veterans to Guard Schools Would Be Ludicrous
The N.R.A. Lobbyist Behind Florida’s Pro-Gun Policies
We know who really rules the Gunshine State
New JAMA Study Shows that Electronic Health Records Do Not Reduce Administrative Costs
Trump Administration Turns Away Iranian Christians
Law Professor Proposes Bringing Back Indentured Servitude
Where We Fucked Up
New York Times Editorial Board: Person Published by Times a Week Ago Is ‘Disreputable’ and Untrustworthy
Pro-Trump media launch attacks on student survivors of Florida school shooting
Is Microtransit a Sensible Transit Investment?
The Economic Gaslighting of a Generation
The Battle Of Ideas
Public schools in Puerto Rico are headed for privatization with the assistance of Betsy DeVos

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