Links 2/3/18

Links for you. Science:

‘Wash your stinking hands!’: ER nurse rants about ‘cesspool of funky flu’ (WASH YOUR DAMN HANDS)
Laser Scans Reveal Maya “Megalopolis” Below Guatemalan Jungle
The Odyssey of the Ancestral Escherich Strain through Culture Collections: an Example of Allopatric Diversification
Diabetes research at risk due to funding lapse, groups warn
A Rollback of DACA Would Undercut American Science, Too


Xenophobic Bigotry
The Gang That Couldn’t Think Straight
Newt Wrote the Playbook 25 Years Ago. Republicans Finally Have a Quarterback Who Can Follow It.
“Why Do You Hate America?”
“Is There Anything That Working Less Does Not Solve?”
Even Larry Nassar Does Not Deserve To Be Raped In Prison
Why We’re Underestimating American Collapse: The Strange New Pathologies of the World’s First Rich Failed State
The Baltimore Police Department Is Badly Broken
We Fought for Our Democracy. Now Turkey Wants to Destroy It.
Donald Trump’s Presidency Is the Libertarian Moment
The Latest in Holocaust Denial
Utility CEO: new renewables will be cheaper than existing coal plants by the early 2020s
Democracy Is Norm Erosion
Politics is Failing Mass Transit
California Murder Suspect Said to Have Trained With Extremist Hate Group

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