Links 1/26/18

Links for you. Science:

Being around natural greenery may cheer up even adolescents (only one study, but non-trivial effect size)
What we now call ‘queen’ bees-the main female reproductive honeybees-were erroneously called ‘kings’ for nearly 2,000 years.
We have better options than killing bison
Fake news is now a public health hazard as a false story about flu shots goes viral on Facebook
Trump is ‘obsessed’ and ‘terrified’ of sharks – but his fears are excessive


Dark Money, Not Russia, May Be the Best Way to Explain Trump’s Win (is Russian influence on the election overblown? Probably, despite their best efforts. But they very well might have made a long-shot investment in Trump)
Foggy Copley
It’s ok to critique dockless bikeshare. It’s not ok to be bigoted.
That’s Precisely What Happened
Impeach Jeff Sessions
Bank of America Just Reminded Us of Why We Need Postal Banking
In praise of Trump’s solar panel tariffs
Apple Can’t Resist Playing by China’s Rules
The salacious Middle Ages
The next budget deal will show how well Democrats play poker
Worked to Death
How Those Projections on the Trump Hotel Get Made
What that horrible story about imprisoned children says about America
Undocumented Irish Caught In Trump’s Immigration Dragnet
Dr. Oz Can’t Afford Me
A Decade After the Great Recession, We’re Outsourcing Home Appraisals to India
Trump and his “mirror dominance”
The madness of American medical billing, in one woman’s tweets

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3 Responses to Links 1/26/18

  1. I didn’t know that about the bees history, thanks.

  2. Logothete says:

    The worked to death link doesn’t work

  3. jrkrideau says:

    “The madness of American medical billing'”
    The US is insane. I needed some minor plastic surgery for a skin lesion, Diagnosis, treatment == $00.00 in out of pocket cost and great peopIe. m
    I really don’t mind the taxes.

    Apparently if I lived in the USA I could not have even afforded to consult my GP.

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