Links 1/25/18

Links for you. Science:

How Dirt Could Save Humanity From an Infectious Apocalypse
‘Least Racist Person’ Is Scared of Great Whites
CDC to cut back disease work in foreign countries
Have scientists really found the germ responsible for killing 15m Aztecs?
The ‘Ice Tsunami’ That Buried a Whole Herd of Weird Arctic Mammals


Behind the Money Curtain: A Left Take on Taxes, Spending and Modern Monetary Theory
Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law
Clearing The Congressional Field… In California
Police union slashes number of ‘get out of jail free’ cards issued
Why has Britain given such a warm welcome to this shadowy professor?
The decline and fall of Wilbur Ross
Why Democrats Caved: It’s what you do when you’ve lost
“There’s No Trick”
On Medicaid work requirements, who will judge the character judges?
Bank of America: No More Free Checking for Customers With Low Balances (glad to see those tax breaks are trickling down to the hoi polloi)
In New Proposed Subway Elevators, Some See a Terrorism Risk
Why is the media mostly ignoring the Women’s March?
Selling Airborne Opulence to the Upper Upper Upper Class
The Question Is Simple: Do You Trust Mitch McConnell?
Has Andrew Sullivan ever been to Brooklyn?
They’re As Racist As They Say They Are
Increasing Minimum Wages Does More to Reduce Recidivism Than Prisoner Reentry Programs (but we can’t afford a higher minimum wage. Or something)
A “Camel Beauty Contest” Had To Disqualify 12 Camels For Using Botox
Schumer Needs to Up His Game

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  1. jrkrideau says:

    Paul Ryan Collected $500,000 In Koch Contributions Days After House Passed Tax Law
    It’s like buying a politician in a dollar store.
    No politician here is priced at over one dollar.

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