Links 1/13/18

Links for you. Science:

At age 16, A Maryland student is working with NASA on a serious project
Trump’s Disdain for Science
Floods seen as warning of Boston’s future
A border wall could drive the jaguar extinct in America
Validation of a 14-drug microtitre plate that includes delamanid and bedaquiline for susceptibility testing of M. tuberculosis


If the poor must work to earn every dollar, shouldn’t the rich? (excellent)
The deficit doesn’t matter (must-read)
Orrin Hatch Was Never a ‘Public Servant’
Trump’s tax law will blow up New York’s school funding politics
MBTA scolds Keolis over ‘disappointing’ day on commuter rail (“…MBTA spokesman Joe Pesaturo praised the cold-weather performance of the subway and bus systems, which the T operates directly. But the [privately run] commuter rail Friday was “disappointing,”…”)
The NFL Chose to Tank Its Season Rather Than Sign Colin Kaepernick
Gas Station Attendants and the Working Class Economy
Roy Moore’s ‘Jewish’ attorney practices Christianity
Thoughts on NPR’s Discussion of the Weimar 70s: Deflating Inflation Myths
Without Rent, Inflation is Way Below Fed’s 2.0 Percent Target
I’ve Studied the Trump-Fox Feedback Loop for Months. It’s Crazier Than You Think.
The Fascist Who Leads a Fascist Agency
How to Fix Facebook—Before It Fixes Us
MMT Is Not Just “Theory X”
Low-income residents struggle with high heating bills, frozen pipes as frigid temperatures linger
Punk is Dead review: stuck in the shadow of the safety pin

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  1. RE: How to fix facebook before it fixes us

    What’s not talked about enough when people talk about the propaganda memes that dominated facebook during the election was how it snowballed into real people behaving really outlandishly weird. I still wonder if somehow I had some kind of creepy negative filter bubble, but the people directly participating surely noticed but it seemed like they didn’t seem to find it as disturbing as I did. Watching acquaintances’ mutual friends (family members or who knows) be really nasty to each other in their comments was bizarre. But the same time, during the election campaign season, and since, hearing people IN PERSON in public, (in my workplace, a middle class workplace of mostly people with college degrees in the humanities), say really really ugly things to each other too. So I didn’t really associate it with Facebook.
    So I came to think that well, I guess that’s humans, or at least the ones I’m being exposed to, and maybe I’m the weird one after all.

    Now I’m convinced that large amounts of people have been radicalized by various propaganda, especially via facebook, and incited into tribalistic interaction. Maybe for political aims, but surely this is having an impact on personal relationships too.

    I deactivated my facebook account a few weeks ago.

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