Links 12/18/17

Links for you. Science:

Would you advise Trump on science? Survey examines attitudes of U.S. researchers
Four ways natural history museums skew reality (NO PENIS BONES)
How 3,000 very good golden retrievers could help all dogs live longer
The Most Overlooked Environmental Crisis of 2017
Someone Used Wet String to Get a Broadband Internet Connection


On technological regress
To All the Black Men Watching the NFL, Here’s What Philadelphia Eagles Owner Thinks About Colin Kaepernick
Heather Heyer’s Mom: I’m Starting to Hold Trump Responsible for Her Murder in Charlottesville
In China, a Three-Digit Score Could Dictate Your Place in Society (this is the future Ajit Pai wants, perhaps?)
The Pentagon Doesn’t Need More Money
Trump plan to move U.S. embassy to Jerusalem angers Middle East Christians
Twitter Users Like Long Tweets More Than Short Ones
The new D.C.: Outside an REI that sells tents, desperate people are living in them
Grad tax dead, student loan interest deduction saved in final bill
Paris Is Hell
Ninth Circuit Launches Inquiry Into Alex Kozinski
The Busk Stops Here: Residents and tenants rage against street performers while asking D.C. Council to strengthen noise ordinances (if most people don’t want the noise, then ban it, otherwise, leave them alone)
Current and Former Members of the D.C. Democratic State Committee Bemoan the State of the Party
An Alabama Sheriff, a Mystery Check and a Blogger Who Cried Foul
Are alleys the new frontier for D.C.’s housing market?
Republicans Despise the Working Class

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