Links 12/13/17

Links for you. Science:

Conference tweets: what’s your aim here?
North Atlantic right whales could become extinct, US officials say
Google Taught an AI That Sorts Cat Photos to Analyze DNA
On the Problem of Sequence Leakage
Habitat loss leaving planet with mediocre ants, study finds


GOP Tax Plan Is a Travesty, But Not Because of Deficits: Democrats should focus on how it actually affects people’s lives. (very good)
When it comes to domination—whether of race, class, or gender—there are no workarounds
When @SenateMajLdr Mitch McConnell writes a deeply dishonest op-ed about the Senate GOP tax plan, there’s only one appropriate response: The red pen.
The concealed carry bill passed by the House today would be a massive overhaul of America’s gun laws. It’s being sold as “let people travel with their guns” but it does much, much more.
The Uneven Playing Field: Sure, don’t stoop to their level. But let’s acknowledge that the game Republicans are forcing everyone to play insists morality is for losers.
Military Scrutiny Isn’t a Bad Thing; In Fact, We Need More
How our housing choices make adult friendships more difficult
No One Is Afraid of a Government Shutdown
Trump fans disgustingly cheer injury to USA gold medalist after she criticized him
Food Stamps Cost 1.8 Percent of the Federal Budget
Two Different Paths, Two Different Goals: Understanding the Rift in the NFL’s ‘Players Coalition’
Is Trump Prepared for What Happens If His Jerusalem Gambit Backfires?
She Breaks Rules While Expecting Students to Follow Them
How the Tax Plan Will Send Jobs Overseas
CEO says late changes to Senate tax-cut bill ‘wipes out’ what Trump has done for coal
First snow (my old Boston neighborhood)

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