Links 12/12/17

Links for you. Science:

Uranium firm urged Trump officials to shrink Bears Ears National Monument
The world’s largest and oldest organism is super stressed out
Origin, evolution, and global transmission of community-acquired Staphylococcus aureus ST8
I’m a brain specialist. I think Trump should be tested for a degenerative brain disease
Sales of antibiotics for livestock drop for the first time, FDA data show


How Obama Destroyed Black Wealth
Franken Is Leaving and Trump Is Still Here
Here’s Why Democrats Forced Al Franken to Do the Right Thing—And Why They May Come to Regret It
Al Franken’s Resignation and the Selective Force of #MeToo (very good)
2%: The percentage of Patreon creators who earn more than the federal minimum wage through the site, according to public earnings data.
What’s Missing From Reports on Alabama’s Black Turnout
It’s Not the Money, It’s the Power: Checking in our nation’s big banks
On Franken’s Resignation
If North Korea Fires, Here’s How We’ll Defend Ourselves
Baby PISA is Just Around the Corner. So Why is No One Talking about It? (this is insane)
I Don’t Think the Moral High Ground Exists Anymore
Voucher Schools Championed By Betsy DeVos Can Teach Whatever They Want. Turns Out They Teach Lies.
Fracking Is a Huge American Money Pit (it’s like Uber, but for energy generation?)
The Trump Tax Cuts for the Rich Must, and Will, Be Repealed
Downward Spiral
A new Potomac River bridge is a bad idea, even for drivers, a study shows
Friends Who Host Benefits
The Republican War on Children
There Has Been No Surge In Violent Crime Since Ferguson

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