Links 12/10/17

Links for you. Science:

The surgeon general and his brother: A family’s painful reckoning with addiction
Scientists are trying to figure out which bacteria have colonized our space station
What Makes a Dinosaur a Dinosaur?
Why Is Giving Birth So Hard? New theories are challenging a long-standing notion that the difficulty of childbirth is simply an evolutionary trade-off.
How to Tell If a Dinosaur Is Fake


A Weekend with Bernie
Another way Trump will get us Killed: to move US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem
Monetary Mental Illness
D.C. Council Approves Bill Changing How City Provides Homeless Services And Who Can Get Into Shelter
Don’t Buy Anyone an Echo
Trump administration’s proposed tipping rule raises fear of legal wage theft
Teacher uses Tom Brady cutouts to get cars to slow down in school zone
Weinstein’s Complicity Machine
An Open Letter to the U.S. Congress: The tax plan will have disastrous consequences for the American people
Q&A: Getting Millennials Off That Treadmill
Millions Are Hounded for Debt They Don’t Owe. One Victim Fought Back, With a Vengeance
The Trump Promises
MSNBC Reverses Decision to Fire Contributor Sam Seder
Walter Benn Michaels on how liberals still love diversity and ignore inequality: A conversation with the UIC professor whose controversial 2006 polemic The Trouble with Diversity now looks prescient (“But it’s obvious that you cannot build a working-class movement with a commitment to antidiscrimination. That doesn’t mean discrimination is right, of course—it’s wrong and we should oppose it. But you can’t build a working-class movement with that kind of campaign, because they’re not the victims of discrimination, they’re the victims of exploitation. If you keep telling them the problem is discrimination, what you’re actually telling them is, “We don’t want to get rid of inequality, we want to legitimize it.” It’s to say, “Look, if you’re poor because you’re a victim of racism, sexism, homophobia—that’s a problem because it’s an inequality of opportunity. But if you’re not a victim of one of those things, fuck you.””)
#MeToo is working: New data shows attitudes on harassment are changing: New polling info suggests Americans get why sexual harassment is wrong — and want Donald Trump held accountable
Ben Jealous calls for single-payer health care in Maryland
Palestinians recognize Texas as part of Mexico
Georgetown University refuses to recognize graduate student union

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  1. someone says:

    In Europe people are now fire bombing synagogues and calling for the killing of Jews because of “Trump”. Whatever Trump has or has not done, it is no excuse to fire bomb synagogues or trash a kosher restaurant. People do it because they hate Jews not because of anything Trump has or has not done.

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