Is Our Democrats Learning? The Alabama Edition

As discussed before, I have doubts, and this does nothing to dissuade me (boldface mine):

There’s been a swell of activity among young voters in Alabama since the election of President Trump. From the Women’s March in Birmingham to Human Rights Campaign volunteers working phone banks, the deep red state has seen liberals advocate for liberal policies. But activist Julia Juarez said if Jones reaps those benefits, it might be more because millennials dislike Moore than are enthusiastic about Jones.

“The momentum of the #Resist marches and protests have morphed into an measurably more active bloc of voters in Birmingham, as noticed and enhanced by [Mayor] Randall Woodfin’s victory,” she told the Fix.

Millennials in this race are an afterthought in both campaigns. Jones does a slightly better job at including millennials, but that seems to be in spite of the campaign, not because of it,” Juarez added…

The Jones campaign has had multiple campus events in cities and towns with colleges and universities, but it’s not clear if they have targeted the progressive communities there. Alabama’s long history of progressive activism might be most potent among the next generation of politicos.


Democrats need to clean house of their existing consultants.

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