Links 11/27/17

Links for you. Science:

NIH institute directors stand firm on not renewing focused firearm research program
Bacteria Use Brainlike Bursts of Electricity to Communicate
This Vomit Machine Could Purge the Secret to Norovirus
The Copernican Revolution from the Inside
Trump proposes farm research cuts to pay for storm aid


Socialists Are Winning The Battle Of Ideas (not sure this qualifies as socialism per se, unless being slightly to the right of Hubert Humphery on economic issues is socialist)
Skin Cancers Rise, Along With Questionable Treatments
I’m Chuck Jones, the guy Trump attacked on Twitter. I support a $15 minimum wage & Liz Watson.
The ‘DeVos effect’ on the November elections
Democrats May Deny It, But This Bill Is A Handout To Payday Lenders
BuzzFeed’s Conyers Scoop Shows That, Unfortunately, Mike Cernovich Isn’t Going Away
Modern Media Is a DoS Attack on Your Free Will
Stop Using Excel, Finance Chiefs Tell Staffs
Turn the Republican Base Against the Republican Party: Part Two. To destroy the party, disillusion the voters (everyone who thinks telling on-the-fence voters that they’re racists should read this)
We’re in Danger of Squandering Our Sexual Abuse Moment
Counterfeit opioid pills are tricking users — sometimes with lethal results
A Mexican Town Wages Its Own War on Drugs
Donald Trump’s Eternal Feud With Blackness
Trump Nominee Brett Talley’s Apparent Thoughts on Capital Punishment: “Just Shoot Them”
NJ students at Univ. of Michigan fear backlash after BDS resolution passes: Swastika found on campus one day after vote
Conservatives have a breathtaking plan for Trump to pack the courts
Conservatives knew ‘family values’ pol had secret gay life

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  1. Awesome Kuhn influenced history of Copernican Revolution.

    My claim is that Marx is as right as Ptolemy in his Newtonian science of human behavior. As Newton is to Aristotle, so Darwin is to Newton. So why is a biologist linking to Corey Robin?

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