Links 11/13/17

Links for you. Science:

Powerful lawmaker wants to ‘invalidate’ the Endangered Species Act. He’s getting close.
Do Nike’s New Marathon Shoes Actually Make You Run Faster?
Washington, D.C., is Home to America’s Largest Collection of Parasites
EPA approves bacteria-infected insects to kill mosquitoes
Mass Shootings, Climate, Discrimination: Why Government’s Fear of Data Threatens Us All (it’s not government’s fear of data, but Republicans‘ fear)


The Biggest Trojan Horse in the Republican Tax Plan (chained CPI is back)
Berklee let teachers quietly leave after alleged sex abuse, and pushed students for silence
The Left Had a Great Election Night. Will Democrats Take Advantage? Leftist groups showed that they have serious organizational chops—and that they can win.
Can an African American Berniecrat Push Southern Democrats Left?
Does Labor Have a Death Wish? A year ago, many union members broke with their leaders and voted for Donald Trump. He’s done almost nothing to repay them. (mentioned this before)
New Potential Credit Risk Bombs: Exotic, ‘Nonlinear’ and Private Transactions
How Doctors Are Getting Rich on Urine Tests for Opioid Patients
Silicon Valley’s ‘car people’ push homeless crisis to the brink
End of the Rizzocrats
The Democrats’ Disarray Is Good for the Party (this belief that we all have to like each other is odd)
Cops raid music fan’s flat after Alexa Amazon Echo device ‘holds a party on its own’ while he was out
#ThemToo: To fight sexual harassment in the workpace, we must learn from the history of women in the labor movement
China Thinks Strategically And We Don’t
Why You Should NEVER Buy an Amazon Echo or Even Get Near One
I was harassed at the New Republic. I spoke up. Nothing happened.
Emboldened by Modi’s ascent, India’s cow vigilantes deny Muslims their livelihood
The President and the Bomb

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