Links 11/7/17

Links for you. Science:

The Randomness of Language Evolution
Forest Animals Are Living on the Edge
Scott Pruitt Declares War on Air Pollution Science
Why ‘Statistical Significance’ Is Often Insignificant
Hepatitis A Is Surging And Cities Don’t Have The Resources To Stop It


The Democratic Party needs to get its act together (absolute must-read)
How George Papadopoulos Was Recruited By the Russians
Angry About the DNC Scandal? Thank Obama. (“Obama’s campaign operation, Obama for America, took small-dollar giving to never-before-seen heights and opened up the possibility of a transformation of politics. But he quickly decided to marginalize his group after the 2008 election. He renamed it Organizing for America, but ordered it to do very little organizing, worried that if grassroots activists attacked Blue Dog Democrats, they would bolt from the president and lose in 2010.” Ron Howard: Democrats lost anyway.)
How cases of Paul Manafort and Sergei Magnitsky are linked: money laundering through Cyprus
Dems’ plan to tank Trump’s tax bill
This North Carolina County Has a Thriving Branch of the NAACP—and It’s Mostly White
The Washington Post, Miami Herald, InfoWars and other U.S. sites spread Russian propaganda from Twitter
What Killed the Democratic Party?
Russian Trolls Didn’t Need To Infiltrate The American Media, Because We Let Them In
Trump Is Creating a Grifter Economy
With The Shuttering Of Gothamist And DNAinfo, We All Lose (what’s neglected is that also closed and is really important for D.C. residents)
Why Colin Kaepernick Matters So Much
Julianna Margulies Says Steven Seagal And Harvey Weinstein Tried To Sexually Harass Her
The GOP Tax Bill Is an Attempt to Destroy Government
She left Fidelity over gender bias. Six years later, she still can’t get a new job
Massachusetts becomes the first state to ban bump stocks
Impeachment Exists for Lying Liars Like Jeff Sessions
USAID cancels jobs for dozens of applicants amid State Department hiring freeze
America’s Dental Gap Has Left People Relying on Pliers, Chisels, and Whiskey

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