Links 11/3/17

Links for you. Science:

Infections And Deaths Mount In Puerto Rico As Hurricane-Related Risks Continue
Trump’s Gang of Climate Deniers Has Grown Into an Army. He keeps picking deniers for top government positions: NASA might soon be run by a GOP congressman who blames global warming on the sun.
Here’s What We’ve Learned About Hurricanes Since Sandy
Plastic bottles, toothbrushes, chip bags make up huge floating garbage site in Caribbean
‘A Sort of Everyday Struggle’


What Killed the Democratic Party? A new report offers a bracing autopsy of the 2016 election—and lays out a plan for revitalization.
How Will I Tell The Children That We’re Canceling Tony Podesta Celebration Day
The Vanishing Pavilions: The Gutting of the Government and the Loss of Oral Tradition
Martin Luther shook the world 500 years ago, but did he nail anything to a church door?
Metro operators were using an emergency alarm that no one was listening to
Overhaul of D.C. Youth Rehabilitation Act would offer new help for offenders
The Plot Against America
Here’s why Ukraine paid Manafort insane amounts of money
Trump Won’t Bring Joy to Moolaville
George Papadopoulos’s Plea Deal Is Very, Very Bad News for Attorney General Jeff Sessions
What Experts Know About Men Who Rape
Bless You
Kushner redevelopment plan for 666 Fifth Ave. deemed ‘not feasible’ by partner (shocking no one who isn’t a complete fucking moron)
Does NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio Deserve the Second Term He’s Getting?
Inside a Homeless Encampment on the Brink of Eviction
Driving a City Bus on the Nightshift Is the Worst Job I Ever Loved
‘We’ve Got to Break This Mindset That Policing Is the Only Tool’: CounterSpin interview with Alex Vitale on The End of Policing
I’ve Covered Foreign Lobbying for 20 Years and I’m Amazed Manafort Got Busted
The Massively Friendly World of Competitive Giant Pumpkin Growing
The sudden fall of Washington’s ultimate power broker

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