Links 10/31/17

Links for you. Science:

Where “The Walking Dead” Goes Wrong With Zombies
Five years after Sandy, National Weather Service threat communication is still a pile of mush
A Woodpecker Has Been Attacking Car Mirrors in Snellville, Georgia
California’s opioid death rate is among the nation’s lowest. Experts aren’t sure why


In Praise of Public Libraries
Puerto Rico Is Burning Its Dead, And We May Never Know How Many People The Hurricane Really Killed
Often Get They Culture War Wrong
Weighing the Costs of Speaking Out About Harvey Weinstein
There Is Something Seriously Weird Brewing in Montana’s Senate Race
Photos Published of Female Librarians on Horseback Delivering Books in the 1930s
Political journalism has been profoundly shaped by men like Leon Wieseltier and Mark Halperin
The Lost Children of Tuam
President Trump thinks he understands addiction. He’s wrong.
A little something I whipped up to get you through the impending Twitter meltdown.
Just like they did in the 80s, Americans are increasingly going straight to heroin, skipping prescription opioids. Too bad US policy doesn’t reflect that. (title isn’t entirely accurate; key point is that most new addicts are not starting with prescriptions)
A Likely Story
The stunning story of how our government segregated America and shortchanged our schools (Rothstein’s recent book is excellent and very readable)
“I’ve Got Your Back, and You’ve Got Mine”
Did I just feed an addiction? Or ease a man’s pain? Welcome to modern medicine’s moral cage fight
Just a Quick Note on the Mueller Investigation
How To Be A Socialist Without Being An Apologist For The Atrocities Of Communist Regimes

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