Links 10/28/17

Links for you. Science:

The Power of Bias in Economics Research
Trump wants to cripple storm forecasting just when it’s getting good — and we need it most
Down hundreds of staff, Weather Service ‘teetering on the brink of failure,’ labor union says
Rise in mumps outbreaks prompts U.S. panel to endorse 3rd vaccine dose
Wildlife colonises man-made rockpools


Do Democrats Really Need Wall Street?
Louise Mensch Is More Dangerous than Facebook
The Empty Center
We Deserve the Truth. We Need the Truth. Release the JFK files—and the Civil Rights cold case files.
Jeff Flake and Bob Corker are cowards
Alan Moore will scrap plan to shoot TV series in Northampton if libraries are closed
Georgia election server wiped days after lawsuit
Why “Centrists” Will Sink the Democrats, If They Haven’t Already
Mississippi judge resigns after barring mother from seeing newborn because of unpaid court fees
The problem of doctors’ salaries: An economist argues that American doctors get paid too much—and offers some bold ideas on what to do about it. (worth noting that the $100 billion/year ‘salary tax’ is ~3.5% of current expenditures; not sure this is the nut we need to crack)
Why are so many NFL coaches so terrible at probabilistic decision making?
The Hill’s flimsy Russia-uranium story lands with maximum effect
Dionne Reeder Launches a D.C. Council Bid (this link is not an endorsement)
Five women accuse journalist and ‘Game Change’ co-author Mark Halperin of sexual harassment
How Your Clinton Rules Sausage Gets Made
Bringing Back the Draft Won’t Stop Unnecessary Wars
Trump’s answer to the opioid crisis is $57,000 and “just say no”
The Interior Department Proposes Huge Hike in National Park Entry Fees
Google’s Sentiment Analyzer Thinks Being Gay Is Bad

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  1. anthrosciguy says:

    Re doctors’ salaries: it’s not that it’s THE nut we need to crack, but A nut. It’s also symbolic of many such nuts that are generally presented as the inevitable result of a market but which are actually policy-driven outcomes (Dean Baker’s main rant since forever). When you’re building a race car and adding horsepower and taking away weight, few things provide a single massive result; it’s the combination of many littler things, and that’s true here too.

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