Links 10/18/17

Links for you. Science:

Marine Biologist Explains Why Menhaden Managers Should Keep Ecosystem in Mind
A new dipstick test can rapidly distinguish between Zika and dengue fever infections
Changing face of Easter Island (been making this point for years)
The death of colistin for KPC producers
Amid Fear and Guns, Polio Finds a Refuge


Trump Or Weinstein? Take The Quiz! (I did no better than 20 coin flips)
Excellent Pee Tape Content
The Question of Cultural Appropriation
Why I Almost Fired My Doctor
What nobody told me…
Even smart people are shockingly bad at analyzing sources online. This might be an actual solution.
The Rule of Capture, Returned
Inheriting the World
Resource Extraction
Born in Auschwitz, Israeli Artist, 102, Harnesses the Dark and the Light
How Stephen Miller Single-Handedly Got the U.S. to Accept Fewer Refugees
As People Stop Carrying Cash, The Street Sense Newspaper Pioneers Digital Payments
A Real Underground Kingdom
D.C. Already Passed A Paid Family Leave Law. Here’s Why The Council Is Still Discussing It
To many Americans, being patriotic means being white
“It’s Scalias All the Way Down”: Why the very thing that scholars think is the antidote to Trump is in fact the aide-de-Trump
Trump, Weinstein, and the enormously high cost of doing nothing

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  1. Thornton Hall says:

    Thank you for the cultural appropriation link. I was beginning to wonder if a segment of academia had gone completely batshit insane, not just condemning the process which has generated all the best art in 10,000 years of recorded human history, but treating such condemnation as obvious moral progress, long overdue.

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