Links 10/17/17

Links for you. Science:

In a Cave Once Filled With Bats, Nothing But Eerie Silence
A century-old vaccine vial sheds light on one of medicine’s enduring mysteries
Soot-Covered Bird Corpses Cough Up Environmental Secrets
Scientific Publishing – A Conversation
The Best Explanation For The Growing STD Crisis? Politics


Bernie Sanders Isn’t A Democrat… Thank God (as I’ve mentioned before, on economics, he’s just what used to be called a liberal Democrat)
Is Washington bungling the Census? (it’s not “bungling”, it’s intentional Republican sabotage)
Evangelical conservatives are proving their harshest critics right
Former GOP Candidate Arrested For Mailing Pipe Bomb, Bullet To Political Enemies
I own a gun. Here’s why I’m not getting a concealed-carry license.
Scoring glitch means thousands of Tennessee students got wrong TNReady score
Boston’s housing future? Compact living spaces, no parking
NFL Owners and ESPN Bosses Are Showing Which Side They Are On
Gutting the census would sabotage democracy
Here’s Where Your Tax Dollars for ‘Defense’ Are Really Going
A battle we’ve already waged
The Fraternal Order of Police Must Go
Trump’s pick for DHS chief was at center of Katrina disaster
Truth and Lies in the Trump Era
Hackers have turned Politifact’s website into a trap for your PC
A Hero Turned Villain: Aung San Suu Kyi and the Annihilation of Myanmar’s Rohingya
Va. gubernatorial candidates have little to say about transportation
Rightbloggers Cheer as Trump Explodes Obamacare

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