Links 10/16/17

Links for you. Science:

The scientists persuading terrorists to spill their secrets
Patchy promiscuity: machine learning applied to predict the host specificity of Salmonella enterica and Escherichia coli
Fraud Scandals Sap China’s Dream of Becoming a Science Superpower
New gene variants reveal the evolution of human skin color
Wolf Puppies Are Adorable. Then Comes the Call of the Wild.


Clintonian Democrats Are Peddling Myths to Cling to Power: Centrists are falsely equating Trump with Nixon, and Sanders with McGovern, because they’re scared of what a leftist party means for them
Weinstein takedown leaves Trump sex assault accusers frustrated at lack of justice for themselves
What Facebook Did to American Democracy: And why it was so hard to see it coming
‘Hitler’s American Model: The United States and the Making of Nazi Race Law’
Dollar General Hits a Gold Mine in Rural America
Mass hysteria may explain ‘sonic attacks’ in Cuba, say top neurologists
Republican Congressman Brought Holocaust Denier To Capitol Meeting
Donald Trump’s Fake Renoir: The Untold Story
The Puzzle Of Reparations In An Extremely Unequal Society
An intern at the Trump campaign data firm, Cambridge Analytica, appears to have left sensitive voter targeting tools online for nearly a year (left online or ‘left online, wink, wink’?)
It’s Not Legal to Get an Abortion Online, But Maybe It Should Be
Building a movement
Becoming a Steelworker Liberated Her. Then Her Job Moved to Mexico. (and why weren’t Democrats getting her to vote?)
The Revenge of the Ruling Class, with Corey Robin
Capitol Hell: Inside Rep. Tim Murphy’s Toxic Congressional Office
Architect Offers Explanation For Pittsburgh’s Basement Toilets (And It’s Not What You Think)
Rohingya Recount Atrocities: ‘They Threw My Baby Into a Fire’

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