Links 10/3/17

Links for you. Science:

Teen births have plummeted 51 percent over the past decade
Americans Eat 6 Hamburgers a Day, and It’s Making All of Us Sicker
Why octopuses are building small “cities” off the coast of Australia
Good news: Scientists have discovered a new species of giant rat
Two Ways of Making Malaria-Proof Mosquitoes


Trump’s Tax Plan Is An Act Of Political Domination By The Rich (excellent)
The Mounting Attack on Organized Labor and What it Means for African-Americans
This Man Was Fighting White Supremacy In Charlottesville Long Before Neo-Nazi Rally
Let’s stop taking the national anthem out to the ballgame (might be the only time I agree with Jacoby, ever)
Why I Call On ‘Time’ Magazine To Name Kaepernick The 2017 Person of the Year
Boston’s voting turnout is a turnoff
Hugh Hefner’s world wasn’t just bad for women. It hurt men, too.
I wanted to understand why racists hated me. So I befriended Klansmen.
September 20: Yom Kippur Anarchists’ Ball, 1893
Janus v. AFSCME Council No. 31
Texas’ War on Liberals Has No Limits
Playboy and the Donald
Help Elect Linda Weber to Congress
How Many Palm Beach Mansions Does a Wall Street Tycoon Need? As many as destroying America’s hometown newspapers can buy him.
Not even the mattress pads were spared: An inside look at a top hospital’s struggle to cut costs
Russians Appear to Use Facebook to Push Trump Rallies in 17 U.S. Cities
9 ways Trump’s tax plan is a gift to the rich, including himself
Volunteer Pilots Swoop Into Puerto Rico With Supplies and Leave With Survivors
These 21 House Democrats Want to End the Presumption of Innocence and Criminalize Poverty
‘They’re Scared’: Immigration Fears Exacerbate Migrant Farmworker Shortage

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