Links 10/2/17

Links for you. Science:

Award or Reward? Which comes first, NIH funding or research impact?
Recovery: Extricating Reptiles from the Pit of Despair
Why too few women in life sciences is bad for business
The Coming Software Apocalypse: A small group of programmers wants to change how we code—before catastrophe strikes.
Emails Show How An Ivy League Prof Tried To Do Damage Control For His Bogus Food Science


Evidence that curtailing proactive policing can reduce major crime
Wealth Is Extremely Unevenly Distributed In Every Racial Group
How the Bankruptcy System Is Failing Black Americans (but not everything is about the banks, something, something)
This Is All Bullshit
17,000 Wisconsinites in two counties likely didn’t vote in 2016 because of the state’s voter ID law
What Happens When a Superstorm Hits D.C.? A major hurricane could paralyze the government and jeopardize national security. Why is the capital so unprepared?
Police posed a greater danger to journalists than demonstrators in St. Louis
Kneeling for Life and Liberty Is Patriotic
Of course Trump’s outrage at the NFL protests had to do with race
Senate Democrats: Canadian Unions Shouldn’t Have to Compete With Cheap American Labor (no, they shouldn’t)
Congress can give every American a pony (if it breeds enough ponies)
How Big Banks Became Our Masters
New Fed Data: Black Wealth Cratered Under Obama
Oh Look, Racine Decertified Their Opscan Voting Machines
Meet the One EPA Employee Unafraid to Call Out Scott Pruitt
You’re So D.C. If…
Tarica June’s Sacrifices Are Yielding Results
Hundreds testify that DC needs to #fixTOPA, but does it need to be fixed? If so, how?
Top Saudi Education Official Fired After Yoda Shows Up In History Textbook

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