Links 9/26/17

Links for you. Science:

Mysterious flesh-eating bacteria is raging in Australia
How to Raise the Rarest Kiwi
After 20 Years, A Drug That Silences Genes Succeeds
Flu Shots: Here We Go Again!
Scientists Can Now Repaint Butterfly Wings


America, we need to talk about this ‘police riot’ in a major U.S. city (must-read)
Why would anyone in Puerto Rico want a hurricane? Because someone will get rich.
Boston Transportation Advocates Aren’t So Sure About Their Mayor
The sheriff from Trumpachusetts
“Instant neighborhoods” don’t make for great cities, but DC insists on them (one thing is that these insta-neighborhoods aren’t dense enough–the sidewalks and roads are too wide)
Now It’s Andrew Sullivan’s Turn to Lie About the Left
In Devastated Dominica, ‘Hams’ Become Vital Communications Link
I lost everything waiting for disability assistance. And I’m not the only one.
Could everyone please stop freaking out about college students, please? (random sampling, how does it work?)
‘Junk science’: experts cast doubt on widely cited college free speech survey
Mark Zuckerberg Can’t Stop You From Reading This Because The Algorithms Have Already Won
On Jared Kushner’s emails, the real problem is the media’s hypocrisy
While Trump Yells at NFL Players, Rightbloggers Work the Refs
The U.S. government fails Puerto Rico once again.
Randy Bryce: Iron Stache or Iron Cash? (I support Bryce, but there should be a debate–it will make him a stronger candidate)
Ivanka Trump Faces Courtroom Showdown Over $785 Sandals
Eric Reid: Why Colin Kaepernick and I Decided to Take a Knee
Spain’s Economy is Growing, but Leaving Most Spaniards Behind (but they Balanced The Budget, all should be well…)

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