Links 9/24/17

Links for you. Science:

A Human Genome Pioneer Just Got Embroiled In A Gender Discrimination Suit
Untangling Darwin
Compensatory evolution facilitates the acquisition of multiple plasmids in bacteria
Queens under pressure – do pesticides provide additional challenges for bumblebees starting a colony?
Death by Hurricane: There Could Soon Be A Cure For A Flesh-Eating Bacteria That Almost Just Killed A Man In Texas


‘It’s gonna end with concentration camps’: Alt-right executive boasts of a future Europe with Hitler on their money
What Republicans get wrong about the cost of single-payer
Bigotry Is as Bigotry Does: Another Trump judicial nominee who appears completely un-vetted
Trump blocks woman with stage 4 cancer on Twitter after she criticized his latest health care plan
The Electoral College Is a National Security Threat
Get Rid of Equifax
The Political Genius of Bernie’s ‘Medicare for All’ Bill
Hillary Clinton Will Never Understand What Happened
TV hurricane coverage failed my family
Why Are Hillary’s Approval Ratings Even Lower Than Trump’s?
It’s Rube Goldberg’s World
Turkeys are ‘strategizing’ in Cambridge and officials want to do something about it
Equifax Has Been Sending Consumers to a Fake Phishing Site for Almost Two Weeks
Single-Payer Movement Shows: Life After Trump May Not Suck
How badly did Equifax breach damage the Social Security system?
California Has a System That Punishes the Poor Through Traffic Violations—Civil Rights Groups Are Starting to Change That
Montana residents are desperate for clean air, and they’re calling me
Some Powerless College Students Are The Greatest Threat To Free Speech The World Has Ever Known
The strange case of Donald Trump and the missing infrastructure
Occupy, 6 years later

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