Links 9/22/17

Links for you. Science:

Every childhood vaccine may go into a single jab
Scientists discover an underwater city full of gloomy octopuses
In Irma’s wake, millions of gallons of sewage and wastewater are bubbling up across Florida
Importance of Personal Research Collections for Graduate Students
Camera traps capture ‘fantastically bizarre’ animal behavior in South African park


“There’s nothing to prevent the federal government from creating as much money as it wants and paying it to someone.” ~ Alan Greenspan
Sean Spicer’s Emmys love-in shows how little those with power fear Donald Trump (excellent)
The learned helplessness of Equifax
As flooded Houston neighborhoods dry out, residents wonder: Are they worth the risk? (over a 30-year mortgage, you have a ~1/4 chance of experiencing a 100-year flood)
Facebook’s Heading Toward a Bruising Run-In With the Russia Probe (“the political juice of the Russia story is pushing Facebook toward a bruising encounter with the reality that it’s not God, not a government, not the law. It’s just a website.”)
Nursing home that lost patients asked Gov. Scott for ‘immediate assistance’ three times before they died (Bad Skeletor! Bad!)
Bad News About Your Right to Privacy, Faculty
Why I’m Not Worried About Household Debt
When you treat politics as entertainment, you get Sean Spicer at the Emmys
Fearing revolt from businesses, D.C. to shift focus away from worker protections
Can You Win in Trump Country with a Bernie Sanders Platform?
Ken Burns’s Vietnam War
The Graham-Cassidy Bill: A Last-Ditch GOP Effort To Deprive Millions Of Health Care
The Shocking Dishonesty of the GOP’s Latest Repeal Push
Silicon Valley CEO Called Employees the N-Word and Hit Three Women, New Lawsuit Claims
Koch network ‘piggy banks’ closed until Republicans pass health and tax reform

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2 Responses to Links 9/22/17

  1. Min says:

    In Houston, the way things are going, if you have a 30 year mortgage, the probability is near certainty that you will experience a 100+ year flood.

  2. zero says:

    The ‘piggy banks’ article includes this:

    At the same time, Koch’s allies are aggressively pushing forward on the taxes. The network is running what it describes as “a first wave” of digital ads calling on more than 50 House and Senate Republicans in both parties to overhaul the nation’s tax code.

    Curious to discover there are Republicans in both parties…

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