Links 8/31/17

Links for you. Science:

A Houston floodsplainer
How green roofs can protect city streets from flooding
The doctor said it could cure cancer. The federal chemist proved that it couldn’t.
Did the Babylonians Beat the Greeks to Trigonometry By 1000 Years? (good explanation of the math)
Federal agents seize unauthorized smallpox vaccine as FDA signals broader crackdown on stem cell clinics (?!?!?)


Wait, Do People Actually Know Just How Evil This Man Is?
‘X’ Marks the Spot Where Inequality Took Root: Dig Here
Medieval London was the most violent place in England
The Stock Market Doesn’t Matter
There Once Was a Great Nation With an Unstable Leader
As a boy, I fled despotism in Cuba. Now I’m fighting it here in America.
A Whisper in an Age of Shouting
Now rare, typewriters still need TLC
Why I’m done with football
Instead of traffic note, motorists get anti-Trump and ‘Kill Nazis’ messages on hacked sign
Dean Baker: Social Security A Success Story- Can It Withstand Privatization Attacks?
Trump Cabinet member’s daughter rips transgender ban
The Media Is the Villain – for Creating a World Dumb Enough for Trump
The year I spent in Joe Arpaio’s tent jail was hell. He should never walk free.
Don’t get ‘Storrowed,’ officials advise college students flocking to city
I’ll show you my tax returns, Mr. President, if you show me yours
Is Trump making the political environment for top civil servants worse?

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