Links 8/25/17

Links for you. Science:

We Hardly Know Anything About Deep-Sea Life, And Our Ignorance Is Damaging It
‘Radical’ new biography of Darwin is unreliable and inaccurate
Let’s keep saying it, and say it louder: REVIEWERS ARE UNPAID
Mathematical secrets of ancient tablet unlocked after nearly a century of study


Russia’s Attacks on Democracy Aren’t Only a Problem for America. And that’s a problem for skeptics of Russian meddling (“It’s unlikely that in 2015 British intelligence tipped off US spy agencies about those suspicious contacts because it wanted to absolve Hillary Clinton for her future loss to Donald Trump.”)
The President of Blank Sucking Nullity (funny, though he’s describing a narcissist)
Exempting Suburbia: How suburban development gets special treatment in our tax code (important)
Why Trump Can’t Quit the Alt-Right
Being the First Name on the Ballot Has a Huge Effect
Maryland to get $900-million federal full funding agreement for Purple Line
Gawker has been gone for a year. We’ve never needed it more than now.
Steve Bannon’s Nationalism Is a Click-Scam Disguised as a Movement
How Redlining Segregated Chicago, and America
Google’s Censorship, Plans to Restrict Publisher Advertising Raises Antitrust Issues
Mnuchin’s Wife Mocks Oregon Woman Over Lifestyle and Wealth
Why Universities Are Phasing Out Luxury Dorms
Higher Minimum Wages Will Give High Tech a Boost
Louise Linton’s Instagram spat is the latest sign of an administration mingling wealth and privilege
White Supremacist Statues
My University Is Named for Robert E. Lee. What Now?
Is Anybody Home at HUD? A long-harbored conservative dream — the “dismantling of the administrative state” — is taking place under Secretary Ben Carson. (horrifying)

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