Links 7/22/17

Trump_politics didn't happen
Links for you. Science:

If kids are responsible for climate change …
What City Ants Can Teach Us About Species Evolution And Climate Change
Why wasn’t Mark Zuckerberg allowed to meet with Glacier’s climate expert?
Senate budgetmakers move to keep ARPA-E, bump up DOE science spending
How a wildlife biologist became a plague-chaser in the American Southwest


“Neoliberalism” isn’t an empty epithet. It’s a real, powerful set of ideas. (this is fine, but Sawicky’s definition of neo-liberal is arguably the best I’ve seen)
With Trump and Russia, it’s all about the money
People driving onto trails is a more common problem than it should be
‘SNL’ Writer Replies To Donald Trump’s Tweets As If They Were Personal Texts
Trump’s Allies Are Taking Over the Media and Creating Their Own Reality (a failure to communicate)
Afghan soldiers are using boys as sex slaves, and the U.S. is looking the other way
Justice Democrat Ro Khanna Wants to Reform Campaign Finance
What’s Up With All The Hand Statues Around Town?
Republicans never really cared about health care
Metro fights back against allegations of racism: Firings were ‘legitimate’
Teacher Tests Test Teachers
Alexandria has lost 90% of its affordable homes since 2000
Jane Kleeb, Nebraska Democratic Party Chair, on How to Overcome the Rural-Urban Divide
Massachusetts: How to Kill a Successful School
At a Luxury Complex in India, the Maids and the Madams Go to War

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