Links 7/18/17

Links for you. Science:

For years, we’ve been told fat clogs our arteries. Now, scientists say that’s all wrong.
26 key bioterrorism jobs the Trump administration has not yet filled
Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop posted a defense of its jade eggs for vaginas. It’s a mess.
Our Approach to Climate Change Isn’t Working. Let’s Try Something Else.
Four Different Biotypes of Depression


The rot (not a big fan of the ‘look a conservative said the same thing liberals have been saying for years’, but Jen Rubin’s conservative apostasy seems genuine)
For Some D.C. Students, School Is Out – But Not For Long
Metro Riders Seek Unified Voice Amid Service Cuts And Rising Fares (I don’t think there should be single fares)
Create the Perfect Revolutionary Agenda with These Three Tricks!
Neither Trump nor the GOP will recover anytime soon
The Cruelty and Fraudulence of Mitch McConnell’s Health Bill
Trump official says rape accusations are about booze and breakups, not assault
What’s Actually Wrong With the U.S. Health System
Tally Sticks and the Fundamentals of Money
Jared Kushner Helps Out His Little Brother
‘I’m sitting waiting’: When the president isn’t interested in being president
Young men are working a lot less. It’s not just because of video games
Where D.C. Has Failed on Adult Education, Charter Schools Fill the Void
Stop patronizing the working class: Why are pundits obsessed with Applebee’s and farm workers?
Five ways to create a truly representative democracy in America
Federal employee civil service protections outdated? The experts speak.
A Tale Of Two Staceys: Georgia Governor’s Race Highlights Democratic Party Divisions
Deporting of Irishman who was longtime Boston resident casts ‘big shadow’ (I guess they had to find some white person to deport…)

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