Single-Payer And The New Democrat Tell

There are few advantages for a political party being in the minority, but one of them is the ability to make political statements through legislation–as your bills will never pass. Either the New Democrat-aligned Center for American Progress is too stupid to understand this, or… (boldface mine):

There are all kinds of subtle and complex problems with the Market Stability and Premium Reduction Act – the Center for American Progress’s proposed alternative to Trumpcare – but the most telling one is pretty blatant:

Neera Tanden and Topher Spiro offer a simple plan to stabilize the individual markets that Republicans could easily support.

That’s how Paul Waldman describes the bill’s prospects in the Washington Post, and he’s on-message with CAP…

The MSPRA will not be enacted into law. It will not even come close. And everyone talking about this bill as if it’s actually a potential alternative to Trumpcare knows that it will never pass. The Center for American Progress didn’t commission this project with any real expectation that it will.

I point this out because it marks one of those rare moments in American politics where liberals cannot claim to be constrained by inconvenient pragmatism. Ordinarily, when liberal politicians and policymakers abandon their constituents, their go-to move is to insist that they are just doing what it takes to stop the Republicans. That’s why terrible “compromises” are necessary; that’s why Democrats have to constantly give up ground and settle for crumbs

The odds of any CAP-crafted healthcare bill making it through Congress as an alternative to Trumpcare are effectively zero. The GOP may fail to pass Trumpcare, but if that happens it will be because of the GOP, not because of any clever maneuvering from CAP.

They are proposing a “bipartisan” patch on Obamacare, not because they think they can win through compromise, but because they largely agree with what Republicans want to do. They are promoting market-based healthcare instead of embracing popular support for single payer because they do not want to see single payer succeed.

Think-tank donors probably like this though.

At some point, we have to realize that some professional Democrats who claim to back liberal initiatives are lying, that they are playing us. And liars rarely lie about only one thing. Now we know what kind of Democrats CAP really are.

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2 Responses to Single-Payer And The New Democrat Tell

  1. Mark Centz says:

    My blue Senator Maria Cantwell is one of these weasels. She held a town hall this week and is looking to make the compromise with the R’s because “it’s the difference between what we can do right now, and what will take us longer.” Sure, sure. Also, she’s getting a lot of money from Big Pharma.
    She’s been a shill for Wall St since very early on. This vote for removing bankruptcy protection for credit card consumers still rankles –

  2. Chris G says:

    I’m on vacation this week. Among other things I get to read and/or re-read things on my reading pile. One of my re-reads was Letter from a Birmingham Jail. Tanden and Spiro’s endorsement of a compromise on the ACA brings to mind King’s frustration with white “moderates”.

    The letter –

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