WMATA/Metro’s Worst Idea Yet

I believe this could lead to violence (boldface mine):

…at two downtown stations, Metro is literally adding music to the mix.

At Gallery Place-Chinatown and Judiciary Square, an “easy listening” playlist selected by Metro staff is being pumped into the stations through the P.A. system to “improve the Metro experience,” according to a WMATA spokesman

“This is nice, especially when there are SafeTrack delays,” said Red Line rider Shaan Desai, who thought he was hearing something a little edgier than the typical elevator or shopping mall music. “It sounds like a classic rock kind of music. That’s the stuff I like to listen to.”

Shaan Desai’s friends are now very embarrassed. Moving along (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?):

It is not classic rock, but some riders may prefer that to what they are hearing now — at least those who took the time to complain about the new tunes on, of course, social media.

This music is awful and they have it up way too loud at Gallery Place. Very nerve wracking and can’t even concentrate when I’m trying to read,” said Wendy Jo Parish at WAMU’s Metropocalypse Facebook group.

“Can you investigate this new abuse on riders?” added Liz Pomper.

Here’s the logic, such as it is, behind the decision:

“As you know, [General Manager Paul] Wiedefeld comes from an airport background where this kind of thing is commonplace,” Jordan said. “During the week leading up to Christmas, Metro added light holiday music in between announcements at Gallery Place Station as a ‘proof of concept’ test to see whether it would be possible and what rider reaction would be.”

Because the obvious answer to the question, “How can we improve customer satisfaction” is “Let’s make it like a U.S. airport!

The mind boggles, it really does.

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  1. Adam Gaffin says:

    Leave it to the nation’s first subway system to try this out first. The MBTA <suspended T-Radio about a month after it started it – and started driving riders insane. The system had ads and chirpy DJs, too.

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