Links 6/13/17

Links for you. Science:

5% of U.S. Pregnant Women With Zika Had Baby With a Birth Defect
Celebrities On Instagram Love This Food Test, But Scientists Say It’s Bogus
Uncovered: an unexpected source of superbugs (in this case, ESBL and carbapenemase-producing E. coli)
Therapy could stop superbugs on farms
Zena Cardman didn’t always want to be a NASA astronaut, but she is one now


“Who is this person who demanded a candidate they agreed with 100%?” (excellent)
‘Trump Is Just Tearing Off the Mask’ (important perspective)
Republicans Set A Standard For Impeachment — And Trump Has Met It
A new GOP bill would make it virtually impossible to sue the police
Presidents Come and Go—the Legacy of Roger Ailes May Last Forever
Class Resentment and the Center-Left, or the Politics of “We Are the 80%”
Ex-DNC aide hits back hard at Clinton, says her campaign ignored data on Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin (and now the centrists are turning on each other…because there’s money involved)
Obama: a Hollow Man Filled With Ruling Class Ideas (I don’t agree with everything, but remember that Obama tried to cut Social Security–he ran on that in 2008; the post-Trump victory hagiography is getting a little over the top)
Is Reality Leigh Winner a National Hero?
How Fonts Are Fueling the Culture Wars
An old school blogger reminds us of some political blogging history
America Made Me a Feminist
Why New Orleans Leads the U.S. in Wrongful Convictions (D.C. isn’t doing so well, either)
Trump And Congress Are About To Ruin America’s $220 Billion Economic Secret Weapon
Can Hillary Clinton Please Go Quietly into the Night? (headline is clickbait)
5 Things The Media Gets Wrong About White Supremacist Hate
It closed 20 years ago, but the Rat’s rollicking echoes reverb on

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