Links 6/8/17

Links for you. Science:

Boffins find evidence of strange uranium-producing bacteria lurking underground
The biggest British Airways IT meltdown WTF: 200 systems in the critical path?
Is there such a thing as an “evolution-proof” drug? (part the third)
Tanzanian farmers are facing heavy prison sentences if they continue their traditional seed exchange
Hell-bent on Survival


Ted Wheeler, The Portland Police Bureau and White Supremacists all teamed up to assault the people of Portland… They all need to answer for it.
How The Intercept Outed Reality Winner
I Fought For a Better Israel Than This
This is why infrastructure is so expensive
Metro Calls SafeTrack A Success As Maintenance Surges Draw To A Close
Kalorama’s parking crisis deepens with Obamas and Ivanka Trump as neighbors (or, living less than ten minutes from the Dupont Circle Metro, they could, y’know, walk among us. AAAIIEEEE!!!!)
‘Kill them. Kill them all’: GOP congressman calls for war against radical Islamists (he seems nice)
The Circulator could go to Congress Heights, L’Enfant Plaza, and U Street
Slow Crash
All Worked Up and Nowhere to Go
Liberals Should Stop Feeding the Conservative Frame About Elitism (all the elitists in D.C.’s Wards 7 and 8…)
Lee’s Reputation Can’t Be Redeemed
Trump administration wants to sell the Washington Aqueduct
Trump Voters Need Good Economic Policy, Not Empathy: Progressives should stop re-litigating the campaign and start pushing clearly pro-worker policies
Solar’s rise lifted these blue-collar workers. Now they’re worried about Trump

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