The Republican War On The Smithsonian

And until, Republicans oppose this piece of the proposed Trump budget, they own it. From the proposed USGS budget (pdf, p. xxx; boldface mine):

Eliminate Curation of Smithsonian Museum Collections (-$1,600,000/-11 FTE): This reduction eliminates active curation of mammal and bird collections housed at the Smithsonian Institution and the research associated with the collection. It would also eliminate USGS research on systematics of North American species important to Interior for management of trust responsibilities and development of modern museum methods, including three-dimensional imaging and DNA cataloging to preserve specimens and facilitate rapid electronic sharing of species information.

The “DNA cataloging” is important for assessing whether or not a population of organisms should be protecting. No cataloging, no protection.

The passive-aggressive writing in the entire budget, including this piece, is amazing. Because this is what museums do: they’re not art galleries. And the willingness to destroy our nation’s collective heritage to make the rich even richer is disgusting.

Even if par for the course when it comes to Republicans.

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  1. paintedjaguar says:

    The Smithsonian museums used to be open until 9:00 in the evening. Then Reagan happened, and they started closing at 5:00.

    I’ve mentioned this before, but it’s a bit of history that bears repeating as there are now many people who just aren’t old enough to remember when things were different. A lot of govenment services used to be better than they are now.

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