Links 5/20/17

Links for you. Science:

Charles Murray is once again peddling junk science about race and IQ (excellent; must-read, accessible to non-specialists)
Have No Fear, Doctor Trump Is Here
More on not enough faculty positions
David Lipman Leaves NCBI (this is a very big deal for biology, and has gone mostly unremarked)
A Defense of the Reality of Time


What Does the President Owe, and to Whom Does He Owe It?
Why Metro Riders Are Feeling The Heat At Dupont Circle, Farragut North (Two. Fucking. Years.)
More Job Guarantee Muddle
We Live in the World Roger Ailes Broke
Why taking drugs to treat addiction doesn’t mean you’re ‘still addicted’
Is the end of Donald Trump’s presidency drawing nearer? Either way he will have done great harm to America
Why Bernie Sanders Wasn’t Invited to CAP’s Ideas Conference
Dem’s Professional Left Conference elbows out Sanders. Kos there to demean Sanders role.
Trump isn’t a toddler — he’s a product of America’s culture of impunity for the rich
The Mad King of Juice: Inside the Dysfunctional Origins of Juicero
Inside Russia’s Social Media War on America
Turks’ Violence in Washington Must Not Be Ignored
New lawsuit alleges brutal gang rapes and dog fighting at Baylor football parties
US vs UK healthcare
Secret report shows ‘special’ treatment for public officials in D.C. school lottery
At Their Peril, Establishment Democrats Shun Bernie
You got any better suggestions?
New D.C. legislation aims to convert vacant office buildings into affordable housing

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