Links 5/19/17

Links for you. Science:

Don’t put ground up wasp nest in your vagina (people need to be told this…)
Patterns Of Death In The South Still Show The Outlines Of Slavery
Science committee Dems to Trump: Stop with the fake news and get a science adviser
The White House’s new war on drugs could drive up the HIV rate (they probably consider this God’s will or something…)
Trump’s budget expected to massively slash research on renewable energy — and ‘clean coal’


The Pathetic Story Behind Donald Trump’s One-Page Tax Plan
‘The pill mill of America’: where drugs mean there are no good choices, only less awful ones
Did Donald Trump Violate His Oath of Office?
Malware Case Is Major Blow for the N.S.A.
Amid Puerto Rico’s Fiscal Ruins, a New Push for Statehood
We’re All Driftglass Now
D.C.: Don’t Give the Carnegie Library to Apple. The company plans to turn a Beaux Arts gem into a lavish gadget store. But there should be a better public use of such a cherished site
This wasn’t just a primary victory. This was a revolution
The Mall Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Changing
Is this champion disrupter of D.C. development a crusader or an extortionist? (definitely an asshole, either way)
House Votes to Give Some Powers of Librarian of Congress to Donald Trump
Michael Flynn is the nexus of the scandal that could cripple Trump
WaPo Gets Its Hands On School Lottery Report, And It’s Not A Good Look
Unreliable Data Can Threaten Democracy

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3 Responses to Links 5/19/17

  1. jrkrideau says:

    Government of the people by the people for the people shall not perish from the Earth (Abraham Lincoln) on the Capital in San Juan.

    Why, in a “proudly Spanish-speaking territory” is this quote in English?

  2. Bayesian Bouffant, FCD says:

    Science committee Dems to Trump: Stop with the fake news and get a science adviser

    And who would accept that post?

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